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Silicon dog feed, treat bag

Silicon dog feed, treat bag

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Safe and healthy - Our dog treat pouch is made of food-grade silicone and BPA free, you can put any kind of food in it.
Convenient and lightweight - Use the waist clip to attach with your belt or your satchel, easy access to the food whenever you need to.
Portable and easy to use - Our dog treat bag is zipper closure, very easy to use, and sturdy. With such a small size, it's convenient to walk your pet outside.
Easy to clean - The dog pouch is reusable, you can use cold or warm water to clean the inside after pet training.
Upgraded design - Anti-slip bubble surface design, fashionable, able, and functional. We provide numerous colors for you to choose your favorite.

Product Description:
Item Type: Pet Treat Bag
Material: Silicone
Target Audience: Dogs
Size (length*width*height):13.5*4.5*11.5cm

1. Safe and Healthy: this product is made of food-grade memory silicone, it is non-toxic and harmless.
2. Durable and High-quality: with corrosion resistance and elasticity, it has a long service life.
3. Easy to Use: there is a magnet with a semi-closed opening, which is easy to put in and take out, and it will close automatically after feeding.
4. Lightweight and Portable: with a clip, you can carry it in hand and attach it to your belt, trousers, or package for easy training or walking outside.
5. Easy to clean: large opening, it can easily clean the inside of the pet bag to keep it clean and avoid germs.
Package Include:
1 x pet treat bag

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